Brighton & Hove Motor Club

How to enter the Frosts Brighton Speed Trials

One of the most common enquiries we get is "How do I go about entering my car in the Speed Trials?"

(The Brighton and Hove Motor Club manages car entries only. The motorcycle entries are managed by another club. Find out how to enter on a bike here).

It is a competition event, so you will need a competition licence. What level of licence you have decides what class you run in. But don't be disheartened, anyone can get a competition licence.

You'll also need a fireproof race suit, a helmet and gloves. These must be compliant with the rules. This is likely to be your greatest expense.

There are two types of entry to the Speed Trials, depending on your licence; National A and National B.

If you have never done any motorsport before, you can only do National B and enter your car in what is called 'The Handicap'. This is limited to 60 cars, and has a wildly varied entry. It is also over-subscribed every year so don't expect to leave this until a month beforehand (or even two...) and get in.

So if you've never taken part in anything like this before, or just drive a normal road car, you are National B and you click here.

National A people should click here.

As of 2016 Forward Head Restraints are required in all cars, apart from 'Road Going' and 'Period Defined Vehicles'. So people in normal road cars are unaffected.