Brighton & Hove Motor Club


I am pleased to advise you that subject to no changes with Covid 19 guidelines the Eagle Sprint will be going ahead.
I am writing to give you advance notice of what and when to expect with regard to paperwork as it has changed from my previous notice.
It is very important that when you receive the paperwork, by the 20th July 2020, that you read it all as there are several changes to previous practices.

You will need to complete the Competitor Sign on form with details of your car and equipment as well as your personal details. This will need to be returned to between the 27th and 29th July 2020. You will need to also enclose a copy of your Motorsport UK licence.

As previously advised you may have a maximum of 2 guests with you. We will require their names to be included. This will allow entry to the venue.

Failure to return completed forms on time will mean that you cannot access the venue or event.


The BHMC is best known as the organiser of the world-famous Frosts Brighton Speed Trials. We started in 1905 so have been going over 100 years - this makes it the longest-running motorsport event in the world!

An entertaining day-out for all the family, it showcases a wide range of cars and motorbikes racing over a quarter of a mile, along Brighton's historic beachfront, Madeira Drive.

The Club also runs other activities during the year including:

A full list can be found on the Events page.

About the club

Since the early 1920's we were known as the Brighton and Hove Motor Cycle and Light Car Club. The Motor Cycle interests were split off in 1932 and the Brighton and Hove Motor Club came into being.

We moved into the arches under Dukes Mound on the seafront at Brighton in 1948 where we have remained ever since.

Our Committee, Bar and Snooker rooms are open to club members every Wednesday from 8pm until 11pm. Non-members - feel free to come down and say hello, and bring your interesting car to break the ice!